COLUMBUS, GA (WRBL)-A Total Lunar eclipse will dazzle across the night sky in eastern Alabama and western Georgia Sunday evening!

This month’s full moon will also be a super-moon, meaning it will appear closer to earth and just a little bigger; it will also feature a total lunar eclipse. The dazzling show between the Earth and the moon will begin precisely at 9:30 PM EDT when the moon moves into the Earth’s outer shadow or the penumbra. 

Roughly an hour later the partial eclipse will begin as the moon travels into the umbra or Earth’s inner shadow. During this time you’ll notice a dent on the lower left side of the moon. This is just the rounded shadow of the Earth. 

The best part of the show will happen between 11:30 PM EDT and 12:53  AM EDT when the moon enters the maximum phase or totality. This is the point that the moon will be deep into the umbra or Earth’s inner shadow and turn a coppery red! The totality phase from start to finish will last roughly 85 minutes! 

Eclipse times (in Eastern time)

Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

Why does the moon appear red:
We know that the moon doesn’t actually change color but the appearance of the coppery red color is due rays from the sun bending through Earth’s atmosphere. During totality, the moon will transition from a grayish color to a pink and then into a very unique and unforgettable shade of red. Hence, it gets the name “blood moon”. Once the totality phase is over, the moon transitions back to its normal shade.

Weather permitting, the entire eclipse, from start to finish should run a total of 5 hours and 19 minutes. If you’re up take out a lawn chair, look up and enjoy the show! The next lunar eclipse will occur in November 2022.