We will continue to stay sunny and dry for the week ahead, as we see little chance of rain in our forecast. We will start to see our dew point temperatures begin to rise into the 60s over the next few days, leaving us with increased humidity over our region. We will get a temporary break from these humid conditions when a cool front moves on Friday. This front will give us a few days of drier conditions before humidity begins to rise again. 

Our temperatures will continue to heat up into the upper 90s over the next few days. However, things will begin to cool back down by Friday when a cool front moves through, bringing our temperatures back into the 80s with overnight lows in the mid-60s for the remainder of the week. 

Tracking the tropics, Hurricane Fiona is expected to become a major hurricane by Wednesday morning as it moves past the Turks and Caicos Islands. Based on current projects by the National Hurricane Center, Fiona is expected to stay in the Atlantic and curve back out to sea before weakening.