TROUP COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) — Thousands of families were impacted in the devastating tornado that blew through parts of West Georgia Sunday morning.

This is the fourth tornado to impact Troup County this year. Governor Brian Kemp issued a State of Emergency following the storm’s destruction.  

The damage and debris is extensive. There are 80-100 homes damaged, with 20-30 of those homes completely destroyed. Officials say there were five non-life-threatening injuries, which is minor for a storm of this magnitude .

In the chaos of the tornado, two tigers from the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain went missing and have since then been captured safely and returned to their habitats.

Just hours after the storm, first responders and local officials rallied together behind the affected communities – ready to rebuild.

The majority of the damage happened along the 7800 block of West Point Road, leaving some residents trapped in their homes surrounded by debris.

While the county is still in the early stages of assessing the damages, Troup County officials have been working closely with the Red Cross, ensuring local shelters are accessible to those who need it.  

“There can be other substantial things such as additional structure issues, trees falling, water leaks and people may not need shelter now, may need that in the next day or two,” said Zac Steele, the Troup County Emergency Management Director. “So we’re working with our partners at the Red Cross to make sure we’ve got enough room for anybody that needs it.”

Troup County residents could see more storms heading into Monday.