Our abnormally warm Christmas Day high was 73 degrees. December temperatures in general have been above average this year with 22/25 days having highs in the 70s.

The warm Christmas temperatures are going to get even warmer as we head into next week. Highs for Monday-Thursday are expected to be in the upper 70s. Some highs next week will be approaching record temperatures.

Warmer temperatures next week are going to make way for the return of showers and storms. Monday and Tuesday showers will start off stray, then ramp up by Wednesday and Thursday becoming more isolated and produce thunderstorms.

Keeping an eye on Wednesday and Thursday for severe weather potential. Right now, it is too early to determine any specifics, but as the week progresses, we will know more.

For New Year’s Eve, Friday, showers will end in the morning and be cleared out for the afternoon and evening. New Year’s Day, stray showers are expected with temperatures remaining in the low 70s.