Warming-up for now, with storms on the horizon, Weather Aware Saturday


It will be warming up in the short term forecast, with increasing clouds Thursday afternoon, with upper 60s and lower 70s by the end of the week. Friday we can expect to see a few scattered showers and a possible afternoon thunderstorm or two.


It appears to be trending more midday Saturday, however, we need to be prepared hours leading-up to this line coming into the region. As I said yesterday the line  itself will be significant with brief heavy rainfall, strong winds and the threat of weak spin up tornadoes…


What erupts ahead of this with an environment that is suitable  for more spring-like storms are cells independent, which can travel long distances…Rotating supercell storms or MCS but the supercell variety is why I’ll maybe go Weather Alert this Friday…Stay tuned many more updates as we get closer…

NWS Briefing model blend, just a potential timeline…We’ll refine when we get closer…At this time a scale 1 out of 5, we are still a 2.5-3…out of 5 for severe weather being more widespread and serious for the region. 

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