This afternoon, we had a record high temperature of 82 degrees beating our previous record of 78.

This warm atmosphere will make way for severe storms into the overnight as we are weather aware.


A strong cold front will be making its way across the southeast this afternoon into Sunday morning that will have the potential to produce strong to severe storms. 

PRIMARY TIMING for the strongest most intense of storms in our area will be 5AM-11AM Sunday morning. 

THREATS in stronger storms will include damaging winds up to 60mph, isolated/spin up tornadoes, hail up to quarter size, and heavy rain that could cause flash flooding.

Your First Alert Weather Team will be providing coverage through the overnight to keep you updated on developing storms. Be sure to have a plan and know your safe place if a warning were to be issued. Also, be sure to have a way to receive weather alerts through the overnight. 

Temperatures will cool off significantly by the beginning of next week into the low 50s as a result of Sunday’s front.