Can crickets predict the weather?

Weather Questions with Cody Nickel

Crickets can’t make a forecast, but they can tell you if it’s warmer or colder.

But even more impressive than that, is they can act as a natural thermometer and tell you the current temperature!

Crickets make more noise in warm weather – simply because it’s easier for them to chirp. The noise a cricket makes is from rubbing its wings together. In colder weather, this is harder for crickets to do, so in warm weather there’s more chirping.

The number of chirps a cricket makes relates to the temperature.

This was discovered in the late 1800s by Amos Dolbear. He found that counting the number of chirps a cricket makes over a certain time gives the air temperature outside within a few degrees.

This relation is called Dolbear’s Law.

So if you want to find out the air temperature outside with a cricket, it’s fairly simple.

Just count the number of chirps a single cricket makes in 15 seconds then add 40.

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