Tips to preserve carved pumpkins

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Now that fall weather is here – it’s the perfect time for carving pumpkins! Meteorologist Carmen Rose has some tips to keep jack-o-lanterns looking their best in this week’s weather question.

Warm and humid weather speeds up the rotting process of carved pumpkins.

But now that it’s finally feeling like fall, your carved pumpkins will last a little longer outside!

This is because cooler temperatures and lower humidity deter mold growth and dehydration.

There are some other factors, besides the weather, that help preserve your pumpkin too!

One tip is to set your pumpkin after it has been carved in a water/bleach solution for two minutes, then let it air dry. This helps hydrate your pumpkin and prevents mold, bacteria and bugs.

A good rule of thumb for the bleach/water solution is three tablespoons bleach to three gallons of water. Make sure to completely submerge the pumpkin in the water.

You can also make the solution and put it in a spray bottle to cover your pumpkin that way.

Another thing you can do is open a silica packet (the white, beaded packets usually found in purses or packages) and lay it in the bottom of your carved pumpkin. This will lessen the amount of moisture in the pumpkin and keep it looking better longer!

If the temperature outside gets to 80°F or above during the day, you may want to consider taking it inside. Once temperatures cool down at night, you can place pumpkin back outside.

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