3 lbs of bees equaling 40k are being vacuumed to a new home

Weather Wise with Bob Jeswald

Check this swarm of bees out after this wet winter season they’re in a working frenzy. So here’s what this buzz is all about. And don’t worry I won’t say it’s none of your bees wax either…This colony you see here is a young colony where the honeycomb is less than a month old. Mainly wax, nectar, and no larvae just yet. But all this buzz you hear is about three pounds of bees equaling 40,000 bees will be evicted and given the proper home they deserve.

“We vacuum them into a special box designed not to harm the bees.” “Good air flow almost acts like a temporary home, it has comb and everything in it, that they would have in their natural home.”-Woody O’Connell, Owner of “Honey I’m Home”

Now the left over working bees are showing up and likely for the next two weeks, which typically come to the end of their life cycle. The opening has been sealed with silicone and sprayed with a blend of spearmint and tree tea oil, so future bees will be deterred to come back…It masks the queen’s and the other bees pheromones.

More Bee facts that will amaze you found here: Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association

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