We all remember where we were on March 3rd, 2019. Many of us escaped the deadly tornadoes that ripped through Beauregard, unfortunately 23 people still lost their lives. Through no fault of their own, their homes did not provide the protection needed to withstand the storm. Today in a News 3 Special Report, Chief Meteorologist Bob Jeswald presents an affordable option that has saved lives when tornadoes strike.

Many of the Lee County tornado survivors could only hunker down in their homes, praying the storm would not take their lives.  Their only shelter? An inside wall or a hallway.

Pastor John McWilliams’ home is five miles from ground zero where the tornado struck. But he didn’t seek protection there, he retreated to his above-ground tornado shelter. 

The doors are made of reinforced steel and can withstand winds up to 275 miles per hour.  The shelter features four-inch concrete walls and a roof with embedded rebar.  It weighs more than 11,000 pounds and doesn’t need a foundation. 

What made John a real believer in this type of shelter was his research on the EF-4 killer tornado that demolished Vilonia, Arkansas in 2014.   

When the tornado-force winds on March 3rd started their path of destruction through Lee County, John remembers being safely in the shelter with his wife.

The shelter, which goes for 55 hundred dollars, may seem out of reach, but it can be financed. There are many companies that provide this type of protection. To learn more, go to WRBL dot com where you can find some links to start doing your own research.

Tornado Shelter Companies:  This should give anyone a wide variety of choices and a good introduction to what is out there in the industry. 

Contact Pastor John McWilliams if you have any questions:  PastorJohnFacts@gmail.com  

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