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“There are various insects that are aquatic as adults, some of which swim in water (e.g., predaceous diving & whirligig beetles) or walk on it (e.g., water striders), but they are not likely to be found in a pan of water.  The viewer was likely seeing an insect struggling to get out of the water that it had falling into.  “

“Though many terrestrial insects seek water to “quench their thirst”, they do this regardless of the ambient temperature.  The idea of cooling off is intriguing, but these insects will not purposely enter the water because their legs are not designed for swimming (i.e. like trying to move a canoe with broom handles instead of oars) nor their method of breathing compatible.  Air enters and leaves through openings called spiracles on the side of the body.”
“This is not to say insects – at least terrestrial ones – don’t try to stay “cool”, but they have a higher tolerance to highs and lows than we do.  Being ectothermic, they will become less active and do things like stay in the shade or move deeper in soil if temperatures are higher than their threshold.”

“Insects are fascinating creatures, but unfortunately not in this case.”

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