The Flower Moon or the last full supermoon of 2020 will rise tonight.

Weather Facts with Nicole Phillips

What a week it has been, we started off with a meteor shower and we’ll end it with a full supermoon! 

Look up late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning for a peek at the last full supermoon of 2020. 

The Flower Moon as it’s called will become 100% full at 6:45 AM EDT Thursday morning and will appear bigger, brighter and a little closer than your normal full moon. This will be the last of a series of three full supermoons of the year.

A super moon is when a new or full moon coincides with perigee or its closest point to Earth during its orbit. Any moon that comes within 230,000 miles or less from Earth will be labeled a supermoon. 

The moon on May 7th will be the third closest, brightest and biggest of the year coming at nearly 224,429 miles from Earth.

We’ll see a micro full moon, when a full moon occurs around apogee or the farthest point from Earth on October 31st 2020 but the next full supermoon won’t happen until 2021

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