GEORGIA (WRBL) – Democratic incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock made a campaign stop in the Columbus Liberty District this weekend, where he made it clear where he stands on Abortion.

Warnock is locked in a tight battle with Republican GOP challenger Herschel Walker.

Walker is pro-life, but in the last week has been accused of paying for a former girlfriend’s abortion in 2009. He’s denied it.

Warnock is pro-choice, saying the decision is between a woman and her doctor. Warnock says the differences between him and Walker could not be more distinct.

“The people of Georgia have a very clear choice here. The women of this state and all across the country woke up one summer morning and a core protection that they have known for 50 years had been completely undone by an act of the Supreme Court,” said Warnock. “My opponent seems to think that that is not enough. He wants a nationwide ban with no exceptions. I think that’s out of step with Georgia.”

This is the second rally Warnock’s held in Columbus in the last five weeks.